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"I want ..."

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Zhytomyr Regional Center of youth initiatives in the framework of the Coalition election initiatives "DZVIN" with the support of the Democracy of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine in regional centers of Ukraine began the round tables on "Public resistance to political manipulation - the key to forming a worthy parliament." Organizing events happening in the information campaign "I want", aimed at exposing political manipulation in the election and destruction of political myths. Round tables are organized to highlight ways to counter the political message that is created for the purposeful misrepresentation of voters and to discuss possibilities of forming true leaders of opinion, whose social position would have been an alternative to the current party leaders in and contributed to the formation of a qualitatively new political system. Feature events are attracting the public to regional patterns of political manipulation (the issue of language, national heroes, especially the ethnic and cultural traditions, bribing voters, etc.) in the parliamentary elections, under the pressure of which is Ukraine. In the round tables are active representatives of public organizations, representatives of political organizations, media and local activists.


      Publication of newsletters in the information campaign "I want"


Newsletter number 1, June 2012
Newsletter number 2, June 2012
Newsletter number 3, 1 - August 14, 2012


In the information campaign of destruction of political manipulation technologies began negotiating with the voters. In social networks created regional groups "I want the elections" in which citizens of a region to discuss important social and political problems of the country's parliamentary elections in 2012. In addition, similar problems violated in national groups, "DZVIN" in the most popular social networks of Ukraine ("Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", and «Facebook»). We invite you to join groups and participate in the discussion of the above topics.

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             Political experts from the Zhytomyr Regional Center of youth initiatives were published the educative-methodical guide book “What should the voter know on the elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”. The relevance and value of the book is to clarify the important problems which citizens could have during pre-election and election period. There are answers to important voters’ questions in this book: why do we go on the elections, how to make right choice, how to protect your vote, where to get truthful information about candidates etc.

16 - June 17 in Zaporizhya held a seminar for members of the coalition election initiatives "DZVIN" on "Forms and methods of the information campaign of destruction of political manipulation technologies." The seminar discussed the activities planned under the public information campaign to crush political manipulation of information "I want ...", has developed a strategy for their implementation.

The campaign of destruction of the political myths began
         The essence of the campaign is the destruction of pre-election manipulation of information in Ukrainian society. The campaign aims to attract a large number of ordinary citizens to group discussion of important social and political problems of the country's parliamentary elections in 2012 and the formation of active citizen-voter, not just passively observing the election process, and it is directly active participation (involvement of citizens in bilateral exchange of information.

        Education and awareness campaign conducted in 225 small cities in Ukraine, it aims to increase the number of people will be able to critically evaluate information and analyze the socio-political situation in the country. These people represent a network of citizens, voters who vyriznyatymutsya his active public opinion, and in the future will actively participate in the electoral process. As of today social networks are the most effective means of distributing politically unbiased information in Ukraine, the information campaign conducted on the Internet in general and social networks in particular. This will provide feedback between the unbiased experts on election process and ordinary citizens. This communication promotes social and political education of citizens, voters, and helps them find answers to their concerns, and forms the attentive observer of the election process, which themselves become suppliers of valuable information about the campaign in their region. Due to a knowledge they can from their own observations, personal experience (not just the media) to draw a conclusion about its legality and transparency, and promote transparency of the process. Attracting people to the group communication and communication in communities through modern information technology and other measures to disseminate information, you can provide much greater control over the power of the Ukrainian society. They contribute to the spread in the society about the real face of government and individual officials. Organized in the course of campaign activities are also aimed at information support potential leaders views of local communities, enabling them to effectively influence the formation of new political elite. The chosen strategy will influence the formation of a qualitatively new political system through elections in the parliamentary elections of 2012.


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